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The Learning Lab theme of Rural Development focuses on advancements that enhance the degree to which rural regions are agriculturally productive areas, and to improve health and nutrition of the communities in these rural areas. This includes strategies and approaches around issues like the development of local and regional food systems, the balanced use of natural resources, preservation of rural land, urban-rural linkages, among others. A preview of the government innovations that will be featured in our Learning Lab focused on rural development appear below.




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our definition of innovation

All themes in the Learning Lab are guided by one common definition of innovation - a policy or practice that is reshaping city government, improving service delivery, enhancing social outcomes for citizens, and enabling positive advancements in communities in areas like the economy, equity, inclusion, the environment, and others.

our development process for learning labs

A rigorous and unique vetting process is applied to curate innovative reforms that will be featured in the Learning Lab. That process is guided by a research methodology that begins with a broad canvas of the landscape –  identifying new ideas at first – and then a rigorous filtering process distills the innovations that demonstrate the capacity for scale across regions and that have a proven track record of achieving outcomes.  This methodology endeavors to expand city-to-city learning and invigorate the cycle of experimentation by leaders all over the world of new innovative ideas that have the potential to make cities better.

The innovations are drawn from any government jurisdiction (national, province, state, district, city, public authority etc.) that form the intergovernmental framework of a city and which, thus, present strategies that can be relevant to city leaders as they shape the future of cities. Unique multi-jurisdictional governance structures are highlighted, included regional prosperity through cluster-based innovation, innovation districts, the phenomena of cities acting as pairs, innovation carried out via inter-municipal agreements, and others.


implement innovation

Each learning lab will include resources you can use to iterate, develop, deliver and implement ideas within your city. Download our infographic to see the anatomy of each Learning Lab.

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