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 the civic innovation project

learning lab for cities

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 what is the learning lab for cities?

Provide a short description here indicating what a learning lab is: it begins by choosing a theme, extensive research to find a data source, and turning that into a demo and providing ways to learn in a multi-media format

what is the learning lab for cities?

The Learning Lab for cities is a virtual platform that will provide an accessible place for leaders in government, and their citizens, to learn about emerging innovations that are transforming cities globally. This website provides a preview of the way the platform is being designed and built. learn more

why was this platform created?

Local officials are facing a host of systemic challenges, that impact the quality of citizen life. Understanding the solutions and innovations that are most effective to address the noted challenges is critical to the success of cities. This platform aims to be the largest global digital library of the best ideas with the potential to transform cities in all the areas of government that leaders need to address to create better communities for  citizens. learn more

how do you translate global lessons?

The Learning Lab is being developed to leverage technology to present an immersive and interactive experience that educates and support leaders who want to learn about emerging innovation and drive concrete, tangible, and visible change in their cities. learn more

what issues will be covered?

The Learning Lab is focused on 12 core issue at the heart of resilient, inclusive, sustainable, and successful cities. Extensive research uncovers the most significant challenges cities are facing and the emerging innovations leaders are using to solve them. These concepts, strategies, and lessons become a digital database and the "labs" that will constitute the Learning Lab. learn more

the learning lab themes

what do you want to learn today?

Below are the 12 themes that will be the focus of the Learning Lab for Cities. Click on any one of them to see how the platform is being developed.

Innovation is happening in communities around the world faster than ever before. The
purpose of this platform isn’t just to report on those stories, it's to identify
the formula for innovation, to capture what leaders need to reproduce it, to
create a virtual immersive learning space that facilitates the sharing of those lessons globally, and enable leaders to  use that to create better cities in the 21st Century for their citizens.

Lourdes german, founder & director