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the civic innovation project

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 what is the civic innovation project?

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We enable mayors, public leaders, foundations, and other stakeholders to keep pace with innovations that promote sound economic development, municipal finance, and sustainable communities  by creating an ecosystem in which these leaders can share and learn from each other’s blueprints for success and be empowered to impact the systems that affect the lives of citizens. Learn more about issues we work on.

we form partnerships

We partner with organizations to drive impact together by hosting convenings and joint programs in areas that further our mission. Check out our featured project to learn how we partnered with Microsoft and others to host a Public Sector Leaders Forum Learning Series.

we educate

We build the capacity of social-sector leaders via training & educational resources that help them make the best decisions to shape systemic change in their communities, in areas of economic development, fiscal health, sustainability, and we approach these issues with a regard for the needs of the most vulnerable populations among us. Learn more about issues we work on.

we consult

We provide technical expertise to support leaders & stakeholders shaping the fiscal and economic systems that affect the lives of people &  future of cities. Learn more about issues we have expertise in.

areas of expertise

learn about the issues we focus on

Innovation is happening in communities around the world faster than ever before. I founded the Civic Innovation Project in 2015 to create a leading hub for facilitating global city-to-city learning of local government innovations, solutions, and issues.  Our goal is to be an essential partner to cities, foundations, communities, and key stakeholders by providing them with a single destination where they can find education, technical assistance, and leverage our consulting services, education programs, and convenings to learn about key areas that impact the sustainability of communities, and empower them with tools and capacity building programs to improve the lives of citizens on a global scale and transform communities. Read more about our founder

Lourdes german, founder & director